MacKenzie Falls

MacKenzie Falls is a famous waterfall in the Grampians, allowing visitors to view it from a lookout platform or hike to the base. Take a Grampians day tour to Grampians National Park on a challenging hike through the beautiful MacKenzie River Gorge to the Zumsteins Historic Area.



MacKenzie Falls is a significant waterfall in Victoria and a recommended stop on your visit to Grampians National Park. It is the only waterfall in the area that maintains a steady flow throughout the year.

Visitors can experience the beauty and power of MacKenzie Falls by exploring various lookouts and walks starting from the carpark, which are suitable for different abilities.

Visitors to MacKenzie Falls should be aware of potential hazards in the natural environment and follow water safety advice for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Grampians day tour

The MacKenzie Falls precinct, including Fish Falls, will be closed on days of Extreme and Catastrophic Fire Danger for visitor and staff safety.

Things to do

MacKenzie Falls Walk

Visitors can take a steep walk to the base of MacKenzie Falls to observe the waterfall up close and experience its impressive strength. The water cascades down the cliff into a picturesque pool, forming a mist that creates a beautiful rainbow effect.

Swimming is not allowed at MacKenzie Falls due to potential hazards in the water.

The walk to the base of the falls is a 2km round trip and involves descending 260 narrow steps. Prepare for a challenging climb back to the top.

MacKenzie Falls Lookout Walk

Bluff Lookout offers panoramic views of MacKenzie Falls and the MacKenzie River, accessible via a 1.9km return walk through stringybark forest. The wheelchair-friendly path leads to the only vantage point where visitors can see multiple cascades of the river flowing through the gorge.

Broken Falls Walk

The Broken Falls Walk offers a 500m wheelchair-friendly track with a slight gradient, providing beautiful views of the upper sections of MacKenzie Falls. Broken Falls Lookout is a great spot to observe the impressive geological formations of the MacKenzie River Gorge.

MacKenzie River Walk

The MacKenzie River Walk in the Grampians is a lesser-known trail that follows the river through a young eucalypt forest. This 7km return walk, with an option for a 4km return to Fish Falls, is recommended for experienced hikers due to water crossings, rock hopping, and rock scrambling.

Visitors can enjoy the serene scenery of waterholes, rocky escarpments, and cascading terraces at Fish Falls. Wildlife enthusiasts may spot the impressive Wedge-tailed Eagle soaring overhead.

The walk can be concluded with a picnic or barbecue at Zumsteins Historic Area, where visitors can explore the remains of a historic settlement, including old buildings and a former swimming pool.

When you're there

Swimming is strictly prohibited at MacKenzie Falls due to safety concerns. The strong currents, submerged objects, cold, deep water, and slippery conditions make it too risky for swimmers.

MacKenzie Falls in the Grampians is a popular destination. It is recommended to visit early in the day to avoid crowds. Consider downloading the Grampians National Park Visitor Guide before your trip.